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ACQUAin Spa & Wellness
Pampering and lots of relaxation

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Into ACQUAin Spa&Wellnes you will find
Scent of cut hay climasauna, the mountain scent of wellness


Into ACQUAin Spa&Wellnes you will find
Outdoors jacuzzi

Would you like to tone without effort while you're breathing the Dolomites breeze? Try the outdoors jacuzzi of ACQUAin


Into ACQUAin Spa&Wellnes you will find
A great Biosauna with chromotherapy

Biosauna: in-between the Finnish and the herbal sauna.


Into ACQUAin Spa&Wellnes you will find
Finnish sauna, the ultimate sauna

90° of enveloping heat, a real cure-all for your body!


Into ACQUAin Spa&Wellnes you will find
Cold well, Scottish shower and ice for gentle massages

Have you ever thrown yourself in a river of freezing water or in a hole in the ice? It's time to try..after a hot sauna of course!


Into ACQUAin Spa&Wellnes you will find
The Steam Room to breathe better

Immerge yourself in a cloud of steam


Into ACQUAin Spa&Wellnes you will find
Infrared Cabin, a deeply penetrating heat

The infrared cabin creates significant benefits, especially for those who suffer from rheumatism.


Into ACQUAin Spa&Wellnes you will find
Kneipp Path, activate your blood circulation!

Walking and alternating warm and cold water for an immediate well being


Into ACQUAin Spa&Wellnes you will find
Relaxing Rooms, a small wellness resort!

Close your eyes and relax yourself! ACQUAin spa&wellness offers you 3 relaxing rooms


Into ACQUAin Spa&Wellnes you will find
Scottish shower and ice for gentle massages

Have you ever freeze yourself ? It's time to try..after a hot sauna of course!


Into ACQUAin Spa&Wellnes you will find
SPA bar

Finnish Sauna
Cold Well
Steam Room
Infrared Cabin
Relaxing rooms
Scottish shower and ice
Bar Spa

Nordical saunas to try right here in Trentino

A healthy wellness program in Trentino Alto Adige!

Have you ever tried the sauna rituals? No? The time has come for you to enjoy also this extraordinary and unique experience!

Every day at ACQUAin Spa & Wellness we offer you a special wellness program, during which professional sauna masters will guide you to discover relaxing baths of sounds and regenerating Aufguss. The program is free for all the guests of our Day Spa.

Saturday Sunday and Holidays
11.30 - Revitalizing break 
12.30 - Aufguss
14 - Aufguss
15 - Body or facial treatment in steam bath
16 - Aufguss
16.30 - Revitalizing break 
17.00 - Aufguss
17.30 - Bath of sounds in relax room 
18.30 - Aufguss
19.30 - Aufguss and/or Body or facial treatment in steam bath
From Monday to Friday
16.30 - Aufguss or body or facial treatment in steam bath
17.00 - Revitalizing break 
18.00 - Bath of sounds in relax room
19.30 - Aufguss
The program is variable
If during your stay in the Spa you hear the sound of a bell, this means that an Aufguss or a Bath of sounds is about to begin.

What is the Bath of sounds?

The bath of sounds is a harmonic ritual in a relaxing environment such as the sauna or a relaxing room, with percussion instruments that emit deep harmonic waves that enter the body and mind of everyone and give peace and well-being through the vibrations. They are usually carried out with ancient and unconventional instruments.

What is the Aufguss?

The aufguss is a ritual that consists in increasing the steam in the sauna by spreading water or ice, mixed with essential oils on hot stones and then spreading it on everyone's body through the "waving" of a towel. They're carried out by the sauna masters. The aufguss doesn't increase the sweating nor the temperature of the sauna.

In order to participate in an Aufguss you have to get into the sauna before the ritual starts. Once it's started you can't get in.

Live the benefits of the saunas to the fullest

Wellness in Trentino Alto Adige by following the Nordic style, what does it mean and why:

The ancient tradition of the saunas of the Nordic countries passes on the custom that, in order to enjoy the benefits and well being, you have to enter the saunas without swimsuit. Those who are fond of the saunas appreciate it and choose to enter the wellness area without swimsuit in order to live a complete experience of well being that starts from health.


  1. The benefits of the sauna on the body are greater if the exposure to the heat is direct. Imagine if you wish an enviable tan but you sunbathe while covering your body, then you will realize that the outcome is the same way, the body that absorbes directly the heat in the sauna, benefits more.
  2. The humid concentrations of heat and sweat, that can be caused by the swimsuit, lead to an alteration of the body's defenses and expose to risks of irritation. In fact, we don't recommend entering the sauna with chains, bracelets or any object that's in contact with the body, because they may overheat.
  3. Synthetic fibres exposed to heat can release toxic substances. For the same reason, it's not allowed to bring any object into the saunas, not even flip flops or glasses.

The fragrances that you will smell are given off only by 100% pure essential oils that can be breathed in to enjoy their benefits.

How to prepare for your first sauna experience:

  • before sitting on the chaise lounges of the saunas you have to spread a cotton towel so that your body isn't in direct contact with the surface. You can rent a towel also at the counter.
  • we recommend you to bring 2 towels or a bathrobe to have something dry to cover yourself with during the moments of relaxation.

    In the saunas you can only bring cotton towels, you can't bring microfiber towels inside.

The higher you sit in the saunas, the more heat you will feel on your body, you can choose if you want to sit or to lie down. We advise you to exit the sauna when you really feel the heat, by coming down to the lower level and waiting a few seconds before standing up straight, avoiding sudden movements.

Take your time to live the sauna experience to the fullest!

Think of yourself for once

We want you to have an experience of total relaxation, but how?

  • leave the frenetic rhythms behind and enjoy at least a couple of hours of wellness
  • take it nice and slow
  • listen to your body
  • adjust the recommended timing and listen to what your body feels

Relax yourself!

Which kind of sauna to do first?

A day in the spa on the Dolomites with increasingly heat and you will feel nice and refreshed

The saunas are different in temperature and humidity. The right path is to start with the less hot sauna and end with the warmest. You can do the Kneipp path and hot tub as you please between the saunas. At the end of each sauna it's important to refresh yourself and reintegrate liquids. The day after this wellness experience you will feel nice and rested.

Between one sauna and the other...don't forget to refresh yourself!

It' important to refresh yourself, in order to enjoy all the benefits of the sauna!

The sauna comprises 2 phases:

  1. Warming and sweating in the sauna
  2. Refreshing after the sauna

    The lenght of the 2nd phase must be equal or greater than the 1st. Our advice is to exit the sauna, wait a couple of minutes to allow your airway to cool and then, take a cold shower starting from the bottom up. After that, you can relax as you please for as long as you wish.

The braver ones can use the cold well or the Scottish shower. The well recreates the typical immersion in a frozen lake or in a river. The Scottish shower is a bucketful of cold water from above. There is also a small waterfall of ice to be used for gentle massages on the body.


A reduction in weight (500 - 1500 gr. ca.) is normal after the saunas. This happens because you've lost a lot of liquids and mineral salts. It's important to reintegrate them. Besides water and teas, we advise you to drink beverages that are rich in vitamins such as orange juices or centrifuges. By adding a little bit of olive oil, that's rich in vitamins A,D,E,K, you will facilitate the absorption of vitamins of other food. You should avoid alcoholic beverages, while beer is indicated for its diuretic properties.

Before the saunas, a light meal is ideal

A light meal to appreciate better the sauna world of ACQUAin Wellness

Taking a sauna means having a bath of heat that gives you numerous benefits.The most important ones are: the elimination of toxins and the increase in perspiration. In order to enjoy these relaxing moments to the fullest, we advise you to enter the saunas after eating a light meal and so not on an empty or on a full stomach.

If you're thirsty or hungry, in our Wellness you will find:

  • free drinking fountains
  • a small bar where you can buy herbal teas, juices and fresh fruit centrifuges, lunch

To grab a meal or a snack, if you let the cashier know, you can go to the bar at the entrance of the swimming pools and buy your quick lunch or what you desire and then come back.

In the spa, respect everyone's relaxation

The pleasure of sharing a relaxing moment

In order to make your experience a positive and beneficial one, we encourage everyone to behave discreetly and respectfully.

Even children and teenagers can live a relaxing experience and enter the saunas of ACQUAin, the important thing is that they must be aware of how the wellness area works. They're welcome if they follow a few rules:

  • keep a low tone of voice in order not to disturb the relaxation of the others
  • it's important that they listen to the signals of their bodies to self-regulate their body temperature. In case of need, they must be able to communicate it
  • in the saunas you can't wear the swimsuit so children and teenagers must be told about our nordic style wellness
  • they must be accompanied by a parent

Since the wellness area is a relaxation area, it's forbidden to run and scream.
It's forbidden to enter with cellphones, laptops and electronic devices of any kind.         

You can't bring this kind of devices into the relaxing rooms either because:

  • the devices allow you to take pictures and publish them from an environment where it's very important to respect the privacy of everyone
  • you would disturb other people by having phone calls
  • we want you to live this experience to the fullest and to free your mind of the daily routine.

Do you need to make a phone call or to connect to the Internet? You can connect and call in the internal bar area.

History of the sauna

An ancient benefit

The word “sauna”comes from Finland and represents something sacred that purifies, not only the body, but also the soul.

In the past it was used as a place to heal and to give peace to the dead. In the symbology, fire was a gift from the sky and steam was the spirit and the life.

In Finland the sauna is part of the daily way of life of people and most of the buidings have a sauna.

The earliest traces of sauna go back to the Stone Age, when men in the caves soaked hot stones with water in order to produce steam.

In the Middle Ages this ritual vanished, except in Finland and Russia. In the most southern regions they build Roman Baths and in the East the steam bath.

The sauna has its origin in East Asia, where they found some traces of the first sweat bath in stone.

Following a migration, about two thousand years ago, the Finns imported it and transformed it into the modern dry hot bath in a wooden and closed space. The sauna then became widespread all over the world.

Saunas and physical activities

Saunas? It's always the right time!
The sauna relaxes, rebalances, reinvigorates the body and the spirit.

The changes in temperature strengthen the immune system. The best thing to keep the benefits of the saunas constant is to go regularly.

Saunas and physical activities

If you've just exercised, it's better to wait half an hour before entering the sauna. After the sauna it's not recommended to practise sport, while massages are ideal.

Well being for everybody

Even though it's better if you ask your doctor, especially if you suffer from specific diseases.

Timetable Wellness

The table can be scrolled horizontally

ACQUAin Wellness Day Spa

Booking recommended (online).

Open daily all year long except may


2.30pm-10pm from monday to friday

10am-22pm saturday, sunday and 1/11


2pm-10pm from monday to friday

10am-10pm saturday, sunday and 8/12

23/12-6/1  except 24/12 and 31/12


24/12 and 31/12



2pm-10pm from monday to friday

10am-10pm saturday, sunday


2.30pm-10pm from monday to friday

10am-10pm saturday, sunday, 1/4, 25/4, 26/4

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